• Heavy-duty, all purpose mixer uses a powerful, planetary mixing action to thoroughly blend, mix,aerate and knead ingredients with consistent
    and predictable results.
  • Variable speed motor drive allows EasyShift™change of mixer speeds without stopping.
  • Bowl guard with safety interlocks prevents the mixer from running if guard is opened or removed Solid cast base is mounted on rubber pads for
    vibration control and rust resistance
  • Dough Hook: allows to knead bread dough’s,cakes,cookies, etc
  • Mixing paddle: allows mixing creams, masses of Genoese, etc.
  • Whisk: permit allows to beat egg whites, whipped cream, meringues, mayonnaise, soft creams, etc.
  • Standard accessories: Bowl, Beater ,Whisk.
  • Safety Grids are optional
  • Energy: 220V/50Hz. for BLSM-5L & BLSM-201
  • Energy: 440V/ for BLSM- 401
Model Dimension (mm) Capacity Agitator Speed (rpm)1st-10th Weight(kg) Power (W)
BLSM-5L 234 x 389 x 400 5 0-300 12 0.18
BLSM-201 430 x 530 x 830 20 125/283/525 100 0.375
BLSM-401 620 x 670 x 1000 40 120/239/464 170 0.75