The oven is the heart of your pizzeria.
Design and quality represent your restaurant.
In one word: your success.

Showing this oven models we are sure we could contribute to the solution of your
problems of space, within new or existing furniture’s.

Our knowledge and expertise, and our long experience is the best technical guarantee.

The professional pizza ovens are designed and assembled to assure excellent
performance and low waste.

Suitable materials:

Baking surface in highly resistance brick. (Old style!).

Dome in vibrated refractory material with alumina cements.

Right shape:

The height and the curvature of the dome and the dimension of the opening are
proportionate to the oven size.


Suitable materials such as calcium silicate, expanded perlite, etc.

Thermic flywhell:

A lot of suitable material under the backing floor makes possible a “stock of heat”,
avoiding the cooling of the floor and the sudden changes in temperature during the
working hours.
All our woodfired oven could be equipped with a gas burner.
High tech made in simple way!

Model d est(in mm) d int(in mm) ht(in mm) (Kg) hb(in mm) no. of pizzas Weight in kgs(
BL 1100 1380 1100 2020 1190 4/5 1100
BL 1300 1600 1300 2020 1190 6/7 1400
BL 1450 1760 1450 2020 1190 8/9/10 1700
BL 1540 1900 1540 2020 1190 10/11/12 1900
BL 1670 2040 1670 2020 1190 12/14 2300
BL 1840 2160 1840 2020 1190 16/17 2600