Knife Sterilizer


  • Made from AISl430 stainless
  • of lamps : 2
  • Absorption : 70 Watt – 3A
  • Timer: 0-120 min
  • Knives capacity: 15-piece
  • Max length of the blade of the knife : 310 mm
  • Chamber is closed by a smoked plexiglass
  • Removable see-through plexiglass knives holder makes sanitation easier and allows sterilization without having to rotate the
  • Mercury vapour lamp with wire screen protection.
  • A safety microswitch switches the lamps on when the door is opened and switches them off when it is closed,
  • Knives holder with built in drops collecting tray. (only on 24W version),
  • The curtesy lamp, on 24W model, turns on only when the switch is “on” and the timer is at “0”.






Model Dimension (mm) Gross (Kg) Gross (m 3 ) Power (W) Energy


400 X 140 X 620 11 0.08 16 220 V/ S0Hz