Hot & Cold Holding Cabinet

Holding Cabinet Cold Preserving:To preserve perfectly the major part of dishes thanks to the refrigerated holding cabinet,Temperature range: from +5°C to -12°C

Technical features construction:Internal and external panels are made in AISI 304 CRNI 18/10 stainless steel.

Cabinet with rounded corners and smooth side walls without discontinuity in order to allow easy cleaning.

Hot Holding Cabinet


Holding Cabinet Hot Construction features:

1.Components mechanical and electronic of high quality and reliability.

2.Easy access to facilitate maintenance and repair.

3.Rounded corners in oven chambers with removable side racks for easy cleaning.

4.No sharp corners.

5.Total insulated using glass wool.

6.Long lasting door seals made up of food grade of high heat resistance.

7.Self closing doors.

8.Double doors on bigger models.

9.On 125 – 150mm diameter swivel castors.

10.Two with brakes.

11.Electronic control.

12.Manual oven vent.

13.Simplified control panel.