Full Automatic coffee group

Fully automatic coffee group with self expulsion of the coffee grounds,

N° 2 bean hoppers (capacity 1,2 Kg),

N° 2 separated boilers (capacity 1,8 lt for the coffee; 4 lt. for hot water, tea and steam),

Keypad with 8 drink selections (single or double), coffee and milk-based products,

Hourly capacity: 240 epsresso coffee selections – 180 large coffee selections- 180 cappuccinos selections),

Spout adjustable up to 180 mm,

Decaffeinated coffee door,

Coffee grounds container inside the machine (capacity over 80 coffee grounds),

Automatic self cleaning function for coffee group and milk system,

Automatic cleaning function with detergent for coffee group,

Automatic cleaning function with detergent for milk system,

Machine ConfigurationStandard

HORECA with serial connection RS 232

Waiters’ control

Control of daily delivery quantità (pre-selection and possibilità to block the machine)

OptionalsDirect coffee grounds discharge

Interface 1 / 0 at 26 relays

Manual water softener (12 lt)

Automatic water softener

Dimensions(mm) 610x815x480h
Weight Kg 66/78
Power 6500 watt – 230 Volt / 1 N
6500 watt – 400 Volt / 3 N