Suitable for all types of cooking equipment whether wall mounted or in an island
arrangement. The Exhaust HOOD features a double walled design which allows air to be
delivered through slots arranged along the inner front face and if required inner
sides of the canopy to effectively and efficiently contain the thermal plume and
direct it towards the grease filters.
The EXHAUST HOOD is fabricated entirely in stainless steel0.9mm thick. All visible surfaces
are ultra fine grain polished and polythene protected. The EXHAUST HOOD is manufactured
depending on the below cooking range. All metal edges are rolled smooth and are free
from sharp edges and projections. The HOOD’s lower edge is formed into a condensation
channel with inclined internal elevation to simplify cleaning and the inner edges are crush
folded for safety purposes. The canopy is equipped with grease extraction baffle filters. The
filters are designed to allow the grease to run off the filters into an integral grease collecting
channel and then into easily removable grease trays.
Fresh Air Supply provision is made through the louvers on the front Portion of the hoods.
Hanging brackets are fitted to the top corners of the canopy for easy installation.
The filter is designed to extract grease from cooking equipment. The semi-circular channel construction of the filter guarantees the highest attainable grade of grease extraction by creating a centrifugal force in the filter. The grease collects in the lowest part of the filter preventing clogging and maintaining an even extraction over the entire length of the ventilation system.The filters are placed at an angle of approximately 45° in the canopy and are easily removable.
Filters are constructed from stainless without rivets and is provided with two integrated
handles formed from the surrounding frame. On the top and bottom the filter 10% is open
for the out stream of grease and moisture. The filters are resistant to aggressive detergents.
High grease extraction rate, Solid construction, Entirely constructed of stainless steel
Simple to remove without tooling, Easy maintenance in any commercial dish wash machine installation.
The canopies are fitted VAPOUR PROOF light fittings which are specifically comply with
the requirements of IP54 and come complete with electrical terminal connection box.
The frame is a stainless steel construction and locked into position with stainless steel
Standard electrical supply is 220/240V 50Hz.
The below given sizes are standard. We can customise as per requirement.

Model Dimension (mm) Gross (kg) Volume (m )
BLHD1200W 1200 x 1050 x 500 50 0.85
BLHD1500W 1500 x 1050 x 500 60 1.10
BLHD1800W 1800 x 1050 x 500 70 1.31
BLHD2100W 2100 x 1050 x 500 80 1.52


Model Dimension (mm) Gross (kg) Gross (m )
BLHD1800I 1800 x 2100 x 500 140 2.51
BLHD2100I 2100 x 2100 x 500 160 2.90