Cooling System- Europian Design and Technology

The cooler is designe to respond to the Changing demand by offering innovated and Highly technical solutions based on best engineering technics and selection of components and materialsIdeal for stocking food products a controlled temperate between +10 Deg C and -25 Deg C

Poly Urethane Insulation

Uperior Insulating properties of our PUF panels come with a wide variety of thickness 2.5″ ,3″ 4″,5″ & 6″ and significantly help in reducing operating cost. These PUF panels come with tongue and groove arrangemnet with cam locks. Foamed In place through high precission CNC machines come in Prepainted sheets as well as food Grade SS

PanelPre Fabricated, Insulated Metal laminated panels

Insulation of Rigid Poly Urethene Foam ( RPUF)

Metal laminate of Pre-Painted Galvanised Steel ( PPGS) or Stainless Steel(SS)

Panel width of 1200mm

Joinery is achieved through Camlocks and finished with Silicone Sealant.