• Built-in flame failure device to ensure safety operations
  • Less heat-input high speed turbo jet burner &
  • No Air Blower required (noise level lower than 70dB)
  • Burner ignition by Electronic Ignition Device
  • Built-in stainless steel water feed tank equipped with automatic floating ball valve for generating continuous steam
  • Full length back splash at 450 mmH
  • High adjustable legs
  • Fuel suitable for: Town Gas, LP Gas, Natural Gas use (must specify gas type before ordering).
  • If units will be installed with hard water supply, water softener shall be installed to avoid any damages may occur to the steam heating chamber.
Model Dimension(mm) Input Kw/ hr Manifold Gross(kg) Volume(m3) Power(W) Energy
BL-CSR-1 1100 X 1200 X 1250 54 1″ 270 2.4 184300 Gas
BL-CSR-2 1800 X 1200 X 1250 2 X 54 500 3.7 368600 Gas