2. Group Machine

Body in stainless steel,

Inbuilt volumetric pump,

Coffee delivery activated by means of volumetric dosage push-buttons with 4 doses per group; continuous delivery push-button,

Standard self-levelling device,

One hot water nozzle with programmable, automatic dosage as standard feature,

Cup warmer, pre-infusion valve, kit gas connection optional upon request,

Kit for pods, water mixer and manual milk frother upon request

Voltage 115 volt 50/60 Hz upon request on ES60, ES70 and ES 100 2 groups

Special tall-cup version upon request, to use 135 mm tall cups

Versions 2 Groups 2 Groups 3 Groups
Dimensions (mm.) 595x535x500h 795x535x500h 1035x535x500h
Boiler capacity 4,9 lt. 11 lt. 17 lt.
Steam taps 1 2 2
Power 2700 watt 4500 watt 5400 watt
Volts 230/400 V 230/400 V 230/400 V
Gas heating optional optional
Mixer optional optional optional
Cup warmer optional optional optional