Pre requisites of a commercial kitchen design

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If you are planning to set up a commercial kitchen design and want to start it from the scratch then it would not be easier for you. It will take up a lot of time and energy for creating a beautiful scullery which is apt for carrying out commercial projects. Before implementing your plans you need to ponder attention upon some of the most important concerns related to setting up of your dream cook in.

(a) It is important to be knowledgeable about the property where your hotel is going to get constructed on. In the middle,if anywhere you find that the place is not suiting your commercial requirements and is creating hindrances in smoothly running the business then there is no point in investing. Designing an eatery for commercial purposes involves huge investment of money and if the hotel is not constructed on a suitable place then there is absolutely no point in investing in it.

Commercial Kitchen Design..

(b) Matter of health and hygiene should always be one of the most primary concerns of every hotelier who aims to satisfy the customers by providing good quality and healthy food stuff which is prepared in hygienic cooking environments. If the area is not hygienic enough then the idea of conceptualizing a restaurant or food eateries in that place is not worthy enough. Often restaurants are being made at distant places aiming to serve people travelling to far-off places. The prices of the lands are quite cheaper and this attracts many businessmen but before signing on the dotted lines, it is important to make sure that the place is at par with the standards.

(c) Once the design is made then the kitchen should be well-supplied with fire-extinguishers and fire exits. Owing to the nature of the work, breaking out of fire and smoke emission is quite natural. It is important to have adequate precautions and safety measures against such sudden break outs.

While designing a commercial kitchen it is important to make sure that everything is perfectly alright and nothing has been overlooked.


Finding industrial kitchen equipments for a successful enterprise

Published on April 21st, 2014 | By Admin

The industrial kitchen equipments are mostly used for the commercial users in order to provide them with an affordable cooking solution in order to generate a favorable ROI. There had been many developments in the field of commercial kitchen appliances with the advancement of technology and that has yet added to the advantages to the entrepreneur running restaurants, hotels, hospitals and any other establishment in the hospitality sector. The choices are ample it is just about choosing the right range to one’s advantage by deriving maximum effectiveness from the selections. Here is a brief overview on the important industrial kitchen equipments that are mostly in use. It can be a wise decision to contact a turnkey contractor as they will offer you with a tailor made solution and with leave no trace of worries bugging you while you are on your way to set up the establishment.

industrial kitchen equipment
Cooking appliances: These are the industrial kitchen equipments which are primarily used for cooking and mainly comprise the varied forms of fryers and ovens. One should pick up the particular choice based on the needs and exigencies. In the range of ovens there are options of single, double and burners while the triple burner ones happen to be the best choice for commercial kitchen as they will save both time and energy. On the other hand, the fryers and the girdle plates are the must have in the kitchens that tend to produce more of fried and baked items.

Refrigeration equipments: This is another mandatory among commercial kitchen equipments. The chillers come in various forms and the two most used types include the pantry fridge or an under counter refrigerator. These under counter refrigerators often come fitted with bar chillers. There are massive sized devices too with four doors and huge space for storage. Thus they cater to any scale of requirement well.

Exhaust equipments: The exhaust equipment happens to be something without which it would be absolutely difficult to work in the kitchen. The exhaust fans drive away the hot air outside the building through a chimney and thus make it much cooler. It also helps in maintaining the cleanliness, health and hygiene of the kitchen, as the exhaust fan helps in removal of the oil, grimes, odor, vapor and other unwanted elements from the place.

The industrial kitchen equipments are the essentials to have a profitable venture in the hospitality sector.  Here is a brief overview on some of the most used equipments. This will surely help you to take a decision about which is the ones you must select for your enterprise.


Revamp your scullery with bright hued kitchen cabinets

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Are you looking forward to revamp your kitchen model this year? Then this Poila Baishakh can be just the right time for materializing your thoughts. Living in a high-end posh house happens to be everybody’s dreams but turning out the dreams into reality is not every one’s cup of tea. Well, if you too think this way then you haven’t discovered the element of makeover as of yet. Yes with the correct makeover, your kitchen along with your house can attain that unbelievable look which you have been trying to materialize since a long time.  Kitchen, being quite an integral part of every household requires special attention. Apart from the master bedroom and bathroom, the scullery should also be designed effectively in order to make it spacious and alluring. Inspiring cook-in has become the newest trend and people who are slightly inclined towards experimenting with the colors, space and entire set up of the cookery look forward to bring some varieties in their kitchen room.

kitchen cabinets manufacturers

These days’ redesigning the modular cook room with bright tints has become immensely popular. Light shades of purple, grass green, magenta, scarlet, etc. are used to modernize cookery. On the context of reconfiguring a kitchen room, a thing should always be noted that previously no body used to ponder so much upon the look of a scullery but gradually with time the mindset of people has totally changed. Now they try to modify their cooking rooms more beautifully than any other rooms. This is simply because of the fact that a kitchen room should always be hygienic enough to attract people. By adding hues of bright purple to the kitchen cabinet, it will be possible to revamp the entire look of the room beautifully. If you have set up your mind to redesign the cookery then you should contact the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in your area without further ado and experience the beautiful change yourself.

If you feel disgusted of seeing the same old pale colored kitchen room in your house, then it is high time to revamp your cook room with designer ranges of kitchen cabinets.


How hotel kitchen equipments run the success story of your establishment

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Procuring the right set of hotel kitchen equipments should be one of the prime concerns for any entrepreneur plunging into a venture related to the hospitality industry. The more specialized the selection would be, more would be the footfall of the customers in the establishment.

If it is about establishing a restaurant, bar, pub, eatery or anything related to serving food and a beverage then having a good kitchen is absolutely a must. If you are planning to start a venture in the service sector then be sure that be it a five-star boutique hotel or a celebrity restaurant, a mere broad way tapas bar or just a B&B establishment, food is something on which the success of these places largely depend on. In order to set up a good commercial kitchen one needs chosen range of hotel kitchen equipments.

hotel kitchen equipments

If the quality is not good then there are high chances that one might lose a number of customers as most of them cling to a place where the food bears really great quality. Therefore, in case you are running a hotel establishment or any joint supposed to serve food and drinks then the catering service should be impeccable in every aspect. On that note, it should also be remembered that the hotel kitchen equipments to be procured hold utmost importance. The more you want to have your establishment versatile and flexible more these aspects should be borne in your mind. If the kitchen is not well stocked with all kinds of equipments then they won’t be available to the staff and hence the food won’t be prepared rightly. This will no doubt leave the customers dissatisfied and the concern will lose its goodwill to a great extent.

The equipments needed for the kitchen are to be chosen with great care and judgment. The pick for gadget should never be superfluous as it is really not a wise decision to waste money on fancy accessories and they just have much advantage either in order to enhance the quality of the food.

The better option would be researching a bit on the manufacturers of the equipments as that will help you to have a better deal. For instance, if you are setting up your establishment in Kolkata then research on the manufacturers of kitchen equipments in Kolkata is a must. Kitchen knives, choppers board, deep fryer, micro oven, refrigerator are some of the must-haves in any kitchen. One must be careful about the uniforms of the staff. Each of them should be provided with aprons, nets or under hats and whites. This would ensure that you have stern eyes towards hygiene and cleanliness. That will enhance the repute of the concern to a far reaching extent.


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